Dryer Vent Cleaning Harrisburg NC

Dryer Vent Cleaning Harrisburg NC

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What’s is Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Dryer vent cleaning is the process of removing debris and lint that have clogged on the ducts of a dryer vent. The dryer’s filters may not trap all the dirt that, when not filtered, will get into the ducts. There are steps that entail a full dryer vent cleaning. First, inspect the dryer vent opening if there is visible debris and clearing them if present. Using special brushes now to remove all the dirt in the ducts. This is followed by cleaning the area that’s behind the dryer vent. The drum and the dryer lint trap is also cleaned thoroughly. Dryer vent cleaning is a very involving process and can be done by a professional depending on the load, or you can do it yourself.

Why is it important to clean dryer vents?

The importance of dryer vent cleaning is invaluable to all users. One of the reasons is that when you clean the dryer vent ducts, you increases the efficiency of the machine. This means that the time in which wet clothes take to dry is reduced. Your time is therefore saved, and you can do other activities. People with clogged dryer ducts can spend hours, especially when there is a lot of workloads.

When the vent dryer is cleaned, the clothes will not come out damp or wet. Only one normal cycle should dry the clothes in a clean dryer. This will reduce the tear and wear in clothes, which will also increase their life span.

Dryer vent cleaning also saves you a lot on electricity costs. Dryer vents are powered by electricity. Therefore the more time the time you spend operating, the higher the cost and vice versa. This means that with less time, your overhead costs of power at the end of the month will have greatly reduced.

Cleaning dryer vents reduce the risk of fire hazards in your house. When the ducts are clogged, and air can’t pass efficiently, exhaust gases will accumulate. The buildup of these gases can lead to a fire break out the field by the lint in the vent ducts. Fires will cause huge damage to your house. Regular cleaning of dryers will save you from this hazard.

Regular dryer vent cleaning will also help in reducing the odor on your house. The debris in the ducts, especially when there is no opening leading to the outside, may have a foul smell. Make sure you clean the ducts to avoid breathing in exhaust gasses that may also lead to respiratory problems.

What happens when you don’t clean your dryer vent?

If your vent is not maintained, then its lifespan is reduced. Dirt clogged will eat away the machine, and soon it will not be possible to use it again. Despite how many times you dry the clothes, they will come out wet. Thus, the drying time will increase gradually. Carbon monoxide may also accumulate in your room, which is a dangerous gas that may cause suffocation while asleep. Failure to clean the dryer vent may even cost your life. Clogged vents with clogged particles may cause higher temperatures, which may lead to fires in your house.

How to limit clogging in your dryer vents?

When not urgent, hang the heavy clothes like blankets and towels to dry on the cloth lines. You should also avoid fabric softening as these liquids may leave deposits, which may be flammable, causing fires. Dryer sheets should be used with some list as they leave high amounts of residues. If you have outside ventilation, make use of a ventilation cap to cover it. These caps allow debris to exit and prevent the entry of large particles from outside.

How often do you clean dryer vent?

Most specialists will recommend dryer vent cleaning to be done at least once every year. But this may differ from one user to another due to some factors. How often your dryer is used will determine the frequency of cleaning. If you have a few loads, annual cleaning is sufficient. For users with huge loads, biannually, or quarterly is recommended.

The type of laundry will also have an influence in the clogging. Bulky clothes like blankets leave a lot of debris hence requiring regular cleaning. Also, when you have many pets in your house, you will need regular cleaning because their fur gets clogged more easily than a pet-free house. The frequency in which you buy clothes will also determine the frequency. New clothes produce a lot of lint when compared to use ones. Above all these factors, the warning signs in your dryer vent machine are the best determinants of when you should do the cleaning.

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